About Bunyip Toys

Hi, I'm Andrew, the owner of Bunyip Toys. I first encountered Playmobil on 1978 as a 9 year old during a stopover in Singapore on the way to Indonesia where my family spent a year.  I had a great range of the original knights and later got lots of pirates. As a teenager I spent three years in Germany - Playmobil heaven! Cue me building a large Western theme.

Fast forward to 2003 and my daughter was born and I started collecting again. Playmobil was nowhere to be found so I had to buy it through my brother who was living in the US. My wife saw through my excuses that the pirates and knights were for my little girl so I started buying and selling on eBay to fund my hobby.

In 2009 I launched Bunyip Toys and over the last 12 years I have expanded my range so I now have the largest range by far of any retailer in Australia.  I am also one of the few solely Playmobil toy stores in the world.

I'm always on the look out for new sets, rare sets, discontinued sets and limited editions, and always try to keep everything in stock.

As I like to say "If we don't have it, no one does!"

I hope you like my new site. Look around and explore the magical world of Playmobil :)