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Playmobil - Fairy Mushroom House - 6055


Brand Playmobil

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Bunyip Toys is a family-owned online specialty shop, based in Canberra, aimed at providing you with quality, durable toys that encourage imaginative play.  When you contact us you'll be talking to one of the owners and we will do our best to make your shopping experience simple and hassle-free. 

All of our brands have been "kid tested" by us and our kids, so when you buy from Bunyip Toys, you're buying something that really will provide hours of fun for the whole family. 

Simply put, if we don't like a toy or game, we won't stock it. Like toys, we're here to make you happy.

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Why All Kids Need Trucks



Popular Appeal What is it about kids and trucks? Ever tried walking past a construction site with a little bunyip? Not so easy, is it? They like to peek and peer and ask a million questions about what is going on. Ever had to wait for the rubbish truck with a toddler, who is absolutely in awe of the heroes who drive it, and operate its mechanical arm?

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How Playmobil Was Invented


There are some types of toys that bunyips cannot get enough of. One type that ignites every imagination is an unassuming series of small plastic figures, who come under the banner “Playmobil”. These toys, many of them just three inches high, are the heroes and stars in countless stories and adventures all over the world, as they lend their form to ...

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Why screen time is bad for kids - and what to do instead



It is becoming more mainstream for parents to completely prevent their toddler bunyips from watching tv, and severely limit the time their older bunyips are allowed to do so as well. And of course, we aren't just talking about tv anymore, but phones, pcs and gaming systems all fall under the 'screen time' umbrella. 

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