What's new in Playmobil for 2021?

This time of year is always exciting for Playmobil fans as lots of new themes are released and old ones updated.

This year there are six new themes. They should be in store by mid-May (Covid delays and shipping accidents in the Suez Canal notwithstanding!)


Zoo - the largest Zoo range ever designed around 15 animals sets that enable you to customise and expand your zoo easily.

Stunt Show - a smash 'em up, rumble, tumble theme full of monster trucks and mayhem!

Princess Castle - after several years without a Princess Castle range, it returns with all the favourites - glamour, princess, horse-drawn carriages and more!

Beach Hotel - a large hotel with additional sets that allow you to expand and see you to customise your holiday. Given the events of the past year it'd be nice to go to a real beach hotel :)

Kindergarten - a well-equipped Day Care Centre with playground, dress-up room and smaller sets that fit in with other Modern themes.

Fashion - go clothes shopping , try on some new Playmobil outfits or have a nice cup of coffee. This theme integrates really well with other Modern City themes.