Playmobil - Storm Dragon and Warrior - 5465


Brand Playmobil

For centuries people have delighted in tales of fire breathing dragons, terrorising the town's people before the dashing hero saves the day and slays the monster. However, rarely in these mythological legends were the dragons known for having such amazing weaponry!

Now your child can create their own adventures as the Samurai warrior battles against an array of brightly coloured, fearsome looking, and heavily armed Dragons!

Could there be anything more fearsome than a dragon throwing lightening daggers at you! Armed with a bow and arrow, shield and a sword, the realms of possibility are endless with Storm Dragon.

But if you need an even stronger defence, then the weaponry in the Ice Dragon set might be just the trick!

Not suitable for children under 4 years.

About Playmobil

Playmobil figures are 7cm tall and have hands that hold the various scaled accessories, arms that move, head that rotates and body that bends at the waist. Plus the ubiquitous smile of course!

All Playmobil plastic components are made in Germany, except for the figures which are made in Malta. All parts meet the strictest EU and US safety requirements.