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Playmobil - Police Special Unit - 5186


Brand Playmobil

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Now THIS is where It is at! Normal policemen might be fine for arresting jaywalkers, litterers, users of bad language, even the odd pickpocket or burglar, but when the chips are down It is the Police Special Forces who get called in to sort things out.

This SWAT-style squad consists of three police figures equipped with a healthy array of weapons and protective gear. There's even a riot shield with a window in it! Each figure sports a vest for protection and a headset for communication. One of the figures is a police dog handler.

This Playmobil 5181 Police Special Forces Unit set features:

  • Three police figures in very swish black uniforms, armed to the teeth with pistols, a rifle and a truncheon
  • A police pooch to help hunt canine crime (with leash)

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