Playmobil - Dark Rangers Laser Truck - 5154


Brand Playmobil

Watch out E-Rangers, It is Protecto and Rock Woman! (Clearly she drew the short straw when the Dark Rangers were handing out nicknames.)

Who are these two dastardly Dark Rangers? Well Protecto is made of steel, meaning that he is totally impervious to harm! His companion Rock Woman is highly intelligent, evil, and a geologist. Yes, she's the first evil geologist in literary history.

Protecto and Rock Woman tool around Future Planet in their truck, gathering energy stones and just carrying out general acts of bad-assery. And when there's trouble, the container on the back of their truck can be detached and converted into a defence station!

This Playmobil 5154 Dark Rangers' Truck with IR Knockout Cannon set features:

  • Two Dark Ranger figures
  • A transport container (container is removable and can be converted into a defensive unit)
  • IR knockout cannon that can disable remote-controlled vehicles (requires 2 x 1.5 V micro batteries)
  • Four energy stones plus other accessories

Not suitable for children under 4.

About Playmobil

Playmobil figures are 7cm tall and have hands that hold the various scaled accessories, arms that move, head that rotates and body that bends at the waist. Plus the ubiquitous smile of course!

All Playmobil plastic components are made in Germany, except for the figures which are made in Malta. All parts meet the strictest EU and US safety requirements.

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